Jeremy Harpham

Jeremy has spent 20 years in the software industry in international marketing and sales roles for small, mid-size and global FTSE 100 companies targeting both consumers and the enterprise. He has 10 years experience and a keen interest in the intersection of customer experience and customer communications across the insurance, retail banking, telecommunications, retail and utilities verticals.   Jeremy loves gadgets and cars and spending time with his wife, son and (type 1 diabetic) daughter. Less well known is that Jeremy has also worked as an Assistant Test Engineer on the European Space Program.   Find Jeremy on LinkedIn and Twitter @JeremyHarpham

Articles by Jeremy Harpham

Omnichannel is Omnipresent: What Retailers Need to Know

by Jeremy Harpham | October 15, 2014 | No Comments

Retailers need to adapt to an increasingly omnichannel environment.

If you’ve walked into a shop and checked out something on sale and your first instinct was to pull out your smartphone, you weren’t alone. More customers than ever are consulting mobile devices before making a purchase. If they see something cheaper somewhere else, there’s a good chance they’ll order the product online and the […]


Connecting Silos Across the Organisation for Better Customer Engagement

by Jeremy Harpham | August 4, 2014 | No Comments


Customers use many channels Today’s customers are so connected, mobile and informed that, by 2020, they will manage 85% of their relationships without ever speaking with an actual human. What does this mean for companies? It is now a business requirement to listen to consumers across every touchpoint — from mobile to Web and beyond […]


The Customer Engagement Imperative

by Jeremy Harpham | July 24, 2014 | No Comments


What are the key customer engagement challenges that many organisations are currently facing? What are the types of business returns that companies across different industries are seeing as they apply incremental approaches to drive engagement? What are the customer and market trends that are driving the need for companies to deliver engaging omnichannel experiences Challenging […]


Delivering Customer Engagement in the Digital Age – Part 4

by Jeremy Harpham | April 29, 2014 | No Comments

Customer Journey

Customer Journeys – the Long Haul or a Quick Win? For most of the customer experience professionals I have met, understanding customer journeys is a top priority. However it always seems to be an arduous and lengthy task, particularly when senior executives and leaders are looking for answers and action in short timescales. The Long […]


Delivering Customer Engagement in the Digital Age – Part 3

by Jeremy Harpham | April 28, 2014 | No Comments


Optimising Interactions to Deliver Customer Engagement It is now a given that the customer is more informed and in greater control of the buying process – there’s plenty of evidence and research out there (like Corporate Executive Board) and it applies in both the business-to-consumer and increasingly the business-to-business world. The customer only knocks twice […]