Why technology can restore the public’s trust in utilities firms

by Marc Hobell |July 22, 2015|No Comments


  A detailed investigation into utility firms has found millions of energy customers in the UK to be ‘paying too much’ for their energy bills. The investigation, lasting a year, was carried out by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and found that over the five years from 2009 to 2011, the UK’s six major […]


Why cloud is more compelling than ever for SMBs

by andrewford |July 17, 2015|No Comments

hand reach the sun concept renewable, alternative solar energy,

  Cloud computing has gone mainstream. As consumers, we can now store everything from holiday snaps to insurance documents on a cloud platform such as Box, Dropbox or Google Cloud, rather than upload them to a physical hard drive: it’s convenient, secure and often absolutely free. In the workplace, it’s a similar story except here, […]


Is Data Sharing the Answer to the Smart Metering Challenge?

by Marc Hobell |September 15, 2014|No Comments


The government’s recent announcement of its £10.6 billion roll-out of smart gas and electricity meter installation has given consumers a hearty dose of sticker shock. For some, the long-term benefits and energy bill savings seem too far away – and too minimal – to justify the immediate installation expense of about £215 per home over […]


The Customer Engagement Imperative

by Jeremy Harpham |July 24, 2014|No Comments


What are the key customer engagement challenges that many organisations are currently facing? What are the types of business returns that companies across different industries are seeing as they apply incremental approaches to drive engagement? What are the customer and market trends that are driving the need for companies to deliver engaging omnichannel experiences Challenging […]


Delivering Customer Engagement in the Digital Age – Part 1

by Jeremy Harpham |April 16, 2014|No Comments


The challenge of delivering digital in a large organisation Being big, when small or new is nimble Your local shop or garage can deliver a consistent, personal experience because they have a manageable number of customers that they regularly meet in person. New upstarts in your industry can build-in customer centricity from the start with […]