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Eircodes – What’s the Craic?

by craigpinhorne | July 27, 2015 | No Comments


Fifteen years ago, not long after I joined a small Geographic Information System (GIS) Data team, talks had started around the proposed creation of a new postcode system in the Republic of Ireland.  Since then, the concept ebbed and flowed but in July 2015, there was a tangible result: the long-anticipated launch of the new […]


Building a digital leadership team

by James Brayshaw | April 30, 2015 | No Comments


Forward-thinking organisations have spent the past few years lobbying and recruiting for new leadership positions which will help their businesses thrive in the digital age. Now, the Chief Data Officer, the Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Digital Officer can all have a place at the board room table. But what do they all do? Are […]


Why It’s Important to Empower Your Contact Centres with the Right Data

by Gerhard Heide | November 6, 2014 | No Comments

Empowering contact centres with the right data can help build customer loyalty and business.

We’ve all been there. You chat to customer support online about an issue, then follow up with a call. But the support agent on the phone doesn’t know about the issue you’ve just discussed online. So you have to start from the beginning. There’s a good chance that you won’t get to the right person […]


Have you got what it takes to become a MapHero?

by Paul Lewis | April 8, 2014 | No Comments


Have you ever stopped to consider how many different kinds of maps and forms of data visualization you come into contact with on a daily basis? I pondered this during my commute to work one day last week. In the hour or so from leaving my house to arriving at the office, I can recall, […]


Where exactly are we on the adoption curve for Chief Data Officers?

by Andy Reid | March 5, 2014 | No Comments


Chief Data Officers have become more common, but are we about to see an acceleration, or stabilisation of that growth? C-level job titles tend to be a relatively stable thing. Apart from the occasional specialist role, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and CMOs seem to occur across multiple businesses in all industries. However, the emergence of the […]