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What is Mailmark™?

by Chinny Ogbuagu | December 11, 2013 | No Comments

What is multi-channel marketing?Meet our in-house Royal Mail/postal expert, Steve Tyrrell. Steve has a vast amount of knowledge and experience on all things Royal Mail related, so who better to go to explain the Royal Mail’s latest barcode phenomenon – Mailmark™.

(Q&A was conducted before the Royal Mail 2014 postal rates were announced)

Q – Hi Steve. To start off, what is Mailmark™ exactly?

A – Steve – Mailmark™ is a new franking mark that enables franking customers and the Royal Mail to improve the way the mail is processed, which will provide additional benefits to everyone.

Q – Why is the Royal Mail doing this? Is there a specific reason?

A – Steve – The Royal Mail have done this as part of the way to improve their processes but also to bring future customer benefits to the marketplace. As we all know, the market place for the postal market has been in decline with the number of letters being sent, so it’s a way they’re looking to bring more value for people that use the post.

Q – So what does this mean for businesses that frank?

A – Steve – Well there are quite a few clear benefits. The first one is it’s easy to use and access. It will provide ways of automatically receiving information onto your franking machine, accessing services in a more efficient way than is currently done on the franking machine. Because it incorporates barcodes in the mark, there’s a transfer of more data which becomes valuable to both Royal Mail and the customer.

Also,because the level of data will be fed back to the customer via Pitney Bowes INVIEW™ portal, it’s more cost effective with the machines sending more information up on a more regular basis. It uses LAN connectivity so this is cheaper to use than traditional analogue telephone lines.

It will also provide pricing differential in the future on Mailmark™ mail. And I’ve already touched on the fact there will be enhanced information with Pitney Bowes INVIEW™

Q – For those that don’t know, what is INVIEW™?

A – Steve – Pitney Bowes INVIEW™ is a cloud based product that captures the information from the franking machine and shares it back to the customer. So they can look at how they spend their postage, looking at the postal services that they use and on particular products, they can look up which departments or accounts within their business are actually spending the money. And it’s a way to then review the data to help improve postal efficiencies, maximise their postal budget in the future.

Q – So, when will Mailmark™ be introduced? What do customers need to do to get ready for Mailmark™?

A – Steve – It’s only just been announced but we will be communicating to customers what you need to do in the forthcoming months. If there is a requirement to discuss it in more detail, simply contact us and we can get your account manager to give you a call or visit you to give you more information.

Thanks for the update Steve.

Hopefully this has answered your questions on Mailmark™.
Click here to learn more about Mailmark™
Click here to learn more about our INVIEW™ product.

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