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Rate Change: What does it mean for your business?

by Steven Tyrrell | March 25, 2015 | No Comments

On 30th March, Royal Mail’s rates for franked mail are increasing. Find out what it means for your business.

Can you tell me what’s changing?

On 30th March, Royal Mail’s rates for franked mail are increasing. It will cost you a penny more to send a first class letter, and 3p more to send a second class letter. If you use a standard franking system,  prices for sending a 1st Class Letter will start from 52p and a 2nd Class Letter from 39p. There are also changes to Royal Mail International services: there’s a new Large Letter format, and savings can be made compared with 2014 Parcel prices.


I’m sure they’ve only just changed! Who sets these rates?

The rates are governed by Royal Mail.


Is it still more cost-effective to use a franking machine than to use stamps?

Yes. If you use a franking machine for your post, you’ll still benefit from substantial price advantages over stamped post.  You save over 17% when sending a 1st Class letter or over 27% when sending a 2nd Class letter using a franking machine rather than stamps. There are even greater savings to be had with MailMarkTM meters like Connect+ and DM60.

Savings vs Stamps

        • Savings of up to 18p per 2nd Letter
        • Savings of up to 12p per 1st Letter

MailMark savings

        • Savings of up to 3p vs. standard franking

If you’re a Pitney Bowes customer, click here to see more information on your discounts.


What if I use Pitney Bowes’ services through a partner?

You need to get in touch directly with them and they can talk you through what’s changing.


What do I need to do to make sure my business is ready for the new rates?

You need to make sure you download the correct rates before March 30th , or risk being charged excess amounts for incorrect postage – as much as £1 per item for domestic mail, or £2 per item for non-domestic mail. Your clients could be charged, too.


How do I download the new rates?

Simply identify your meter model and find download instructions here: http://www.pitneybowes.com/uk/ratechange/ratechange-support-page.html.


Can I download the rates now?

Check this link here to find out if your rates are available yet. If so, then yes, absolutely! In fact, we strongly advise you to do so on or before March 30th for peace of mind.  If your rates aren’t yet available to download – and this will depend on the model of your machine – please do come back and download them on or around the date specified on the link. Remember to do this before March 30th to avoid Royal Mail’s excess charges.


I’m really busy – can’t I just download them on March 31st?

We do recommend you download the new rates direct to your machine before 30th. They won’t appear on your machine until midnight on the 30th, but you’ll benefit from the peace of mind that you’re protected against any extra costs. For every letter with incorrect rates sent after March 30th, surcharges will apply: Royal Mail will charge £1 for domestic mail and £2 for non-domestic mail.


I’ve downloaded them but they’re not showing on my machine – have I done something wrong?

Don’t worry, they won’t show until midnight on March 30th.


I’ve got lots of rates preset, to save me time and hassle. How do I change these?

It’s straightforward to do this. Have a look here, for clear and simple instructions. Please do get in touch if you have any problems.


Is there anything else my business needs to know?

If you need to keep track of your postal budget and you’re a Pitney Bowes customer, you can use Pitney Bowes InView™ dashboard to see how you are spending your postal budget, giving you greater visibility and control. InViewTM consolidates data from across your different mailing sites.


For more information on the benefits of franking machines, click here.


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