Pitney Bowes on Government G-Cloud

by annea |February 19, 2015|No Comments

Gcloud best pic

Pitney Bowes has been formally accepted onto the UK Government G-Cloud programme which promotes the adoption of cloud computing. G-Cloud simplifies the procurement process for public sector organisations selecting cloud services. It is focused on the capabilities of cloud computing in driving economic growth and enabling cost savings, creating a more efficient, flexible and accessible […]


3 Tools to Supercharge Your Mailing With Data In 2015

by Chinny Ogbuagu |January 5, 2015|No Comments

Mailing Analytics

Ensuring your database or mailing list is up to date should be a monthly focus. Having a complete mailing list can open doors to repeat business, new business and developing long-standing relationships with your clientele. Get off on the right foot in 2015 by learning how you can power your mailing list with data for […]


Why LAN Connectivity is Good News For Franking

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Why LAN connectivity os good news for franking

Many businesses already know the benefits of moving from stamps to franked mail, but what are the benefits of switching your analogue franking machine to a digital machine? If your business has outgrown your current franking machine, it’s almost inevitable that you’re missing out on significant savings in time and money. Making do with obsolete […]


MailMark™ Update – What We’ve Learned So Far

by Steven Tyrrell |December 3, 2014|No Comments

MailMark Q&A

  Following on from our introduction to MailMark™ last year we catch up with Steve Tyrrell, our resident MailMark™ expert to discuss what we’ve learned so far from its introduction and how it’s benefiting our customers. (Q&A was conducted after the Royal Mail Small parcel format change)     Hi Steve, thanks for taking the […]


Why eCommerce Holds a Lot of Opportunity for Postal Organizations

by Stefan Berndt |November 27, 2014|No Comments

ecommerce and postal organisations

The rising influence of eCommerce is forcing carriers to reconsider how they manage their shipping networks. Global online retail is growing at a rapid clip, and as emerging technology makes it easier for consumers to shop online or via mobile devices, the industry’s growth is unlikely to slow down any time soon. This is creating […]


The Unique Reason People Buy Original Ink

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“Spend a fortune on original inks… or risk breaking my printer with compatible inks…” I’m sure this is a conversation you have with yourself, especially as keeping costs down is imperative to the smooth running of your business. So why should you buy original ink, and are there any alternatives to them? Difference between compatible […]


Sending Lots of Parcels? How To Make This Festive Season Your Best Ever!

by Chinny Ogbuagu |November 24, 2014|No Comments

Christmas Parcel Shipping

Customers are now demanding more information and more flexibility on items ordered online, without it many are abandoning shopping baskets and choosing a different seller with more delivery options. With the holiday season just around the corner we explain how you can tailor your parcel deliveries to suit your customer and why this year will […]


Getting Ready For Black Friday: What it Means To European Retailers

by Chinny Ogbuagu |November 19, 2014|No Comments

Pitney Bowes, Black Friday Graphic

For those that are unaware Black Friday is an American invention designed by retailers to maximise holiday spending after Thanksgiving Thursday. As I’m sure you are aware Thanksgiving is not a holiday generally celebrated in Europe but Black Friday is growing in popularity and some have suggested that this is another day, which will soon […]


The Secret to Managing Your Parcel Returns Effortlessly

by Paul Knowles |November 13, 2014|No Comments

The Secret To Managing Your Parcel Returns process Effortlessly

There was a time when customers rarely returned a product purchase unless it didn’t work. However, we are now in age where consumers hold the buying power and we are seeing instances where people will buy multiples of the same items online to evaluate at home and send you the ones they don’t like back. […]


Transactional Mail In Focus: Making Your Mail Work Harder For You

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There’s no denying it, holiday season is just around the corner and while it is often time you take for yourself and spend it with family it can also prove tricky getting your invoices sent and being paid on time. Huge amounts of mail get sent over the Christmas period and in the process many […]