Taking it personally – the new generation of mail personalisation

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Direct mail is undergoing a resurgence. In today’s commercial landscape, businesses risk being swept along on a tidal wave of digital communications. With a remarkable array of marketing communications tools widely available to businesses, successful campaigns integrate both physical and digital communication, empowering recipients to respond using their preferred channel. Many of us still appreciate […]


3 Tools to Supercharge Your Mailing With Data In 2015

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Mailing Analytics

Ensuring your database or mailing list is up to date should be a monthly focus. Having a complete mailing list can open doors to repeat business, new business and developing long-standing relationships with your clientele. Get off on the right foot in 2015 by learning how you can power your mailing list with data for […]


Why Customer Service Should be Your Priority In 2015

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Customer Service Priority 2015

  Customer service encompasses more than just saying thank you with a smile. It’s about meeting your customers’ expectations and then doing your level best to exceed them, going the extra mile, the extra 5% and any other motivational comment you care to think of. Consumers hold the buying power and brands need to start […]


How To Sell Yourself Professionally

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How to professionally sell yourself

During the course of your professional career you will occasionally, if not regularly, find yourself in a room of people with the task of selling yourself, your business or a concept. It could be a pitch, a networking event, a break in a conference, a seminar program or a business presentation. Our brains are programmed […]


10 Great Office Management Apps

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10 office management apps

  Business management apps are supposed to make life easier, right? Well in theory yes, but often they only add to your already extensive list of things to do. Half the problem is the time is takes to set up these apps, integrate them into your existing systems and train everyone else in the office […]


From Bricks to Clicks: Why We Need to Support our SMEs Onsite or Online

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Supporting small business

The UK and Germany are fiercely loyal when it comes to supporting home-grown businesses, according to Pitney Bowes’  Global Online Shopping Study.  French shoppers, whilst virtually venturing further afield to spend their Euros, still like to shop within the European boundaries.  Pitney Bowes’ research took a closer look at the buying habits of 12,000 consumers […]


The Unique Reason People Buy Original Ink

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“Spend a fortune on original inks… or risk breaking my printer with compatible inks…” I’m sure this is a conversation you have with yourself, especially as keeping costs down is imperative to the smooth running of your business. So why should you buy original ink, and are there any alternatives to them? Difference between compatible […]


Sending Lots of Parcels? How To Make This Festive Season Your Best Ever!

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Christmas Parcel Shipping

Customers are now demanding more information and more flexibility on items ordered online, without it many are abandoning shopping baskets and choosing a different seller with more delivery options. With the holiday season just around the corner we explain how you can tailor your parcel deliveries to suit your customer and why this year will […]


Getting Ready For Black Friday: What it Means To European Retailers

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Pitney Bowes, Black Friday Graphic

For those that are unaware Black Friday is an American invention designed by retailers to maximise holiday spending after Thanksgiving Thursday. As I’m sure you are aware Thanksgiving is not a holiday generally celebrated in Europe but Black Friday is growing in popularity and some have suggested that this is another day, which will soon […]


Top 3 Countries Brits Buy From Online

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Top 3 Countries Brits Buy Online From

E-Commerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe, with sales across the UK and the rest of Europe expected to reach a combined total of £111.2 billion in 2014 (€155.3 bn or $212.8 bn). A recent study conducted by Pitney Bowes Inc reveals that cross-border eCommerce is gaining traction with nearly 40% of consumers […]